Touch Screen Convertible Laptop Recommendations


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Wifey currently on Maternity with our 2nd child and already said she doesnt want to go back to work but to go Self Employed.

A old colleague she worked with has set up a marketing company and willing to take her on as a contractor.

So decided may as well buy a brand new laptop for "business use" but can also use at home as our currently Dell Inspiron 1545 isnt performing very well and she always wanted a laptop that can be used as a tablet.

What is your budget?


What size laptop do you want?

Probably Ultraportable laptops size as need to be carried around but depends if she can get on with the smaller screens

Do you have resolution requirements?


Do you prefer a matte or glossy (reflective) screen?

Not aware of the difference :blush:

What will you be using the laptop for?

MS Office, Internet, browsing, viewing photos and dabble with editing, iPlayer

How long does the battery need to last?


Does it need to be portable?

Ideally yes as needs to be carried around

Do you require Blu-Ray?


Do you require HDMI output?


Do you have a preferred brand?

No preference

Are there brands you would prefer to avoid?

No preference although not keen Apple fan (ie MacBook Air primarily due to price)

Would you be happy with a refurbished laptop?

Not too concerned

Any other details you feel necessary

Our first choice is currently the Lenovo Yoga although that is primarily due to marketing (was one of the first we've seen on TV) but I thought I put it out there and see what other recommendations you guys have.

I have no ideas about computer systems and software but just like a laptop that is fast in terms of loading up and be able to use sharpish, and be able to handle photo and editing as we have loads of pics of our kids and I would like to get more involved with Photography.

Pretty much open to suggestions so recommend away!

Kind regards



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66 views and not even one comment/ recommendation??

Lenovo currently has a deal on the 11" for £399 with 100YOGA

Hoping they'll do one for the 13" in the next few days


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Sony Vaio's have some touchscreen laptop options. On the website you can spec it to how you want. I nearly bought one.

The 14" E one has a touchscreen option for an extra 80 quid.


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Thanks Sonic.

After one that can be used as a tablet as well, hence favouring the Yoga.

Other option have been the Dell XPS 12 Duo


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If you have a PC World close I would suggest to pop along and have a look.
I had a browse last weekend and the Samsung and the Sony touch laptops caught my eye.


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Yeah, thats the first thing i suggestioned to my wife as its all fair and well reading reviews and stuff on the net- but she needs to physically experience the laptop herself and only she can tell whether its good for her use.

Will be going to the local PC World and trying out what they have in store before deciding.

Incidentally, Lenovo will be offering the 13" for £799 very soon (they want 100 retweets before giving away the discount code- was only 30 retweets for the 11" code the other day)

Been reading the reviews and now favouring the 13"

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