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Reviewed by Cas Harlow, 7th November 2011.
A dark and malevolent beast, whose production history is almost as colourful as the myriad characters it portrays, this is a stunning late classic-era film noir from acclaimed auteur Orson Welles. Packed with memorable dialogue, compelling characterisation, powerhouse performances, and a gripping story that promotes numerous (then-and-even-now) controversial themes of racism, sexism, interracial relationships, police corruption and drug use, Touch of Evil is a visionary work of art from Welles. Regrettably ripped from his clutches and re-shot/re-edited in post-production, the film was thankfully restored (decades after his death) to the closest approximately to his original vision as possible. Indeed it is a testament to the power and enduring strengths of the film that, irrespective of which version you watch, you will likely find it to be a truly great film noir.

On Region B-locked Limited Edition release from Eureka, we get a lavish 2-disc set that boasts all three versions of the movie, two of which are presented in dual aspect ratios. Although I would recommend watching the Reconstructed Version in 1.37:1, as it is probably the best and closest to what Welles would have wanted, the beauty of this package is that is offers so many different options to suit your tastes. To top it off we also get superior video and audio and an audio commentary for almost every single different version, as well as some other worthy extra features to boot. If only all film classics (hell, all films!) were given this kind of respectful and all-encompassing treatment. Highly recommended.

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As a fan of the origional restored release, I hope they have shown the full length tracking shot at the beginning of the film. One of the longest tracking sequences in film history, it set the scene for everything that followed.

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