Question Touch IC ` Touch Disease ` Problem.

Discussion in 'iPhone Forum' started by Kubsonik, Oct 15, 2017.

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    [​IMG] Hi Guys,

    Pretty new here as I could not find any reasonable answers anywhere else.

    So here I go, I broke one of my phones and needed a new one, found a pretty beat up galaxy s7 edge used it for a couple of days but I wanted and iphone, I have a friend who Sells phones so I asked him about a 6 Plus, he had one but it had an IC issue. Thought It was a simple fix but turned out that when I got the phone apart the protective brackets were missing from some of the parts, OEM they cost a few £ which is not a bother, I took the Logic Board out and turned it around to see that In the place where the black protective film/tape was meant to be was not there, one of the IC chips were not there too ! ( will attach a picture If I am allowed to ), so my question is, Is it safe to go to a phone shop and fix it ? or get a new Logic Board ? bare in mind the phone cost me no more than £50 and is in a mint condition, its almost as good of a condition as ` out of the box ` phone.

    I spoke to a few people who fix phones, one said it was a £65 fix, the other one did not reply but the first person I don`t think knew what they were doing and the second person did.

    I would like to get your guys opinion on what I should do, if I manage to get a logic board for £100 64gb that would be worth it but its impossible, as the cheapest one is at least £150 locked and 16gb.

    So what would you guys suggest ?

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