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So as you may have read I've been looking at buying myself a new screen. As I'm a complete n00b regarding screens I've done a LOT of research on here and I narrowed it down to a nice 50" Sagem DLP.

Being a n00b and not willing to "take the risk" of buying a £1500 TV without first seeing a similar quality and/or technology I decided to head down to Tottenham Court Road which is renowned for having a LOT of AV shops down there.

I went in every single shop along there to find a DLP to look at for an idea on how it looks and out of maybe 10 shops, ONE had a DLP. Every single other shop tried in vain to tell me that Plasma is the new cool (WTF??) and that all of their 50" screens are LCD.

The height of my two hours or so was the following:-

"Hi there, I'm looking for a DLP screen"
"I'm sorry sir, we don't sell them but you can always try Ryman's the stationer..."
"Erm... I'm in an AV shop... A DLP screen is the TI technology introduced when Analogue cinema went to digital... If I was looking for stationary, why I would I be in here?"
*At this point the guy just walked away into the back room ignoring me!

And various other comments such as:-

"Try the Sony shop... Sony do a lot of DLP's"
"Sorry Sir, Sony don't do DLP's"
"DLP? Never hear of it..."
"Plasma is what everyone wants nowadays... I'd suggest going for a plasma"

I'm still leaning toward the Sagem DLP but am tempted to go smaller and go for a straight LCD with no rear-pro.

One thing remains tho... I'm NEVER going to TCR again for my AV needs... Moron city (coming from a n00b here!)


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Hi Black

TCR is excellent if you know what you want AND know what your talking about (no disrespect intended). I appreciate you being new to av, we all started here, But if you know what your after they can and will (in most shops) source an item at a very very good price if you haggle.

Ive on occasion seen something I know I want after much research, found the absolute best price online, printed it out and taken it to one or two of the dealers and they have beaten, maybe not by much, but beaten the price. And select dealers are offical Panasonic/Pioneer/Marantz/Denon dealer too so you get a full warranty and full main dealer back up.
And you can walk away with the product on the spot after testing it and not have to wait for delivery.

Dont be put off by their out-right rudeness... . . its just their way!:eek:




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I was shocked by the quality of the Sony "50 . Now I have it home I`m delighted with it - without even changing the factory settings ! :suicide:


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None taken :smashin:

The problem I seemed to have with almost all the shops there was their "buy plasma cos everyone else does" mentality... It seemed that unless I was prepared to walking into their shops and say "that's great, I'll buy it" they didn't want to know.

I do appreciate that someone asking whether they had any DLP screens for me to see a straight comparison between one and a 3LCD isn't a guaranteed sale but why be a muppet about it? Surely by being as helpful as possible it encourages me to go back there to buy once I've seen the difference? Or am I the only one who would rather buy from somewhere helpful and knowledgable? lol

I'm still debating about a straight LCD (and reduced size) above a rear-pro but if I go straight LCD I'll probably go back there purely for the selection available.


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No dont be put off of Rear Screen Pro's because of a bad salesman experience. The DLPs have great connectivity and very very good pictur quality and you will get a great BIG screen!

The online forum here sells a few at good prices. Check out the AV merchants here as well as a search.


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