Totally New to XDA and need some advice please



Hi all,

I am totally new to the world of the O2 XDA Mini. I had mine delivered yesterday morning, and have been playing about with it a bit. As a result I am a bit bedazzled :eek: and already have a few questions;

1) Assuming I had a big enough memory card can I run ordinary PC software or do I need specific PPC/XDA stuff?

2) linked to above - is there a decent Anti-virus software for use on the XDA?

3) When I link up to Activesync on my PC and synchronise, it keeps telling me 'setup must be completed' in relation to windows media. I have installed WM11 on my PC... how do I complete installation so activesync is happy?

Hope someone can help.

Many thanks (and I'm sure i'll have more questions soon).

Matt :confused:


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software wise, anything that is windows mobile 5 compatable (and depending on what it is, wm3 compatable) there is loads of software available and a fair amount of it is freeware.

get over to the xda forums ( for lots of info.
the correct forums for the o2 mini s is the 'wizard' (thats its htc name) on there, and they'll be able to answer any of your questions.

this is my today screen, its not current, but near enough. nothing special but does what i want. my fav today plug in by far is the todayspeed dial. (just need to touch one of the pictures and it dials whoever it is. very smart)

and an example of wisbar's cascading start menu

today screen programs currently on:

wisbar advance 2
lvm time
speed dial
prss reader
today agenda

pda's are very addictive to customise, and once you know what you're doing you can set it to your exact requirements (which ive near enough done to mine)


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may as well answer you're other questions

antivirus (if you need it) = fsecure for wm5 is meant to be good. quite expensive tho. (think about $35?!) alternatively airscanner and symantecs one. i think all of them cover beamed (bluetooth and ir) as well as wifi/gprs and dodgy software

are you using the newest version of active sync? and will it let you connect at all? im not too sure, but it sounds like you might be syncing wmp11 with wmp on your xda, and that might be the problem.


Damn good looking today page! How did you get it set up like that? I NEED to know NOW!!!!

I am running activesync v4.1 from the supplied disk and it syncs fine except for wmp.

And you're right I have ended up with wmp11 beta on my pc and wmp on my xda.

Appreciate the help thanks!!!

Can't wait for you to tell me how to get my today screen like that!!!



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im not sure but there could be some compatabilty probs with those 2 versions. would make sense after all.

there is a huge amount of customisation that can be had!!

have a look at wizbar advance, and other task management software. it adds a hell of a lot to the functionailty of the phone, from cascading menus, a great tasks manager and the ability to skin the start menu (there are tonnes of different skins) and it only cost $10 its the only app i have actually paid for, a lot of things are freeware.

themes change the colours and backgrounds of the device, and you can make your own with a theme generator.

today plugins can be very helpful at getting to programs/displaying information from the today screen. there are loads about that do different things

you can change the dialler as well (as the default one is horrible) and this can then be skinned. my current one (to fit with a kinda blue theme) is this:

nice big buttons, much nicer looking and easier to use with fingers, and has a photo for the contact as well.

edit: apologies for the screenshots looking soft, they're at 150% to show stuff up. on device everything is pin :)


Right, Downloaded claunch and got it on my XDA. How do I get the icons into it? Can't work it out at all... probably missing something really obvious!

I have also downloaded Wisbar Advance 2 and am struggling to get to grips with that as well - the top tool bar looks a right mess when run along with 'magic button'. And where do i get skins from?

Sorry about being so thick!



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if you've not worked it out yet, make sure its up as a today plug in (go to start, settings, today screen then the other tab and make sure its ticked

then its a case of hold tap on where ever it is, which opens up the main screen. click add to add programs, most programs have their own icons. if you want to change the icon, download something from the internet (at say 32x32 size) and theres a replace icon option.

hope that makes sense.

ignore magic button, wisbar does the same thing. they're probably conflicting, so get rid of it.

the best skins can be had at the lakeridge forums, but a google for 'wisbar advance 2 skins' will bring up plenty. there are probably some faq guides on the lakeridge site too, as it can get a bit tricky.
best thing if you';ve not done it already is have wisbar installed on program memory and not on a storage card. runs a lot better.


Cheers for that. Got claunch sorted now I think. Got icon sizes set at 20... a bit ropey graphics wise... any way of sharpening the up?

Ditched magic button and looking good now.

Haven't got round to buying a memory card yet so everything is going on phone memory at the moment. What's the largest memory card it will take do you know? Thinking of buying from


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