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I own a Pioneer 747 dvd, I have previously received help on this subject before about the picture having a fault on my Panasonic tv in RGB mode.
Since then the dvd has gone back chipped and they said everything is ok. (picture had fault befire chip) but problem still there. But before I sent dvd back again I have just took it to my mates who has a Toshiba TV.
The picture was BRILLIANT in RGB. there was definately a difference from the S-Video picture on my tv.
So after all this the fault is mine.
What can I do? Try and change dvd with Sound and vision, cant afford another TV or is there another possible way to improve picture. OR just put up with it and have hardly if at all any difference to my previous Hitachi after paying £400 more,




sound like your tv is problem .the 747 sounds ok if it works on your mates telly .get the loot out or save up it sounds like to me .
i feel your pain though.


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Isn't this an example of Pioneer DVD / Panasonic TV RGB non-compatibility problem.
It's been discussed at length on here.

Maybe you should have the dealer who sold your tv send an engineer around ( under warranty ).

Or just use S-Video ?


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I will ring Sound And Vision and try and get an engineer out, doubt it will work though. If it has been disussed here often where and how far back?
And more to the point, if it was discussed so often was there any solution found or even can an engineer solve the problem if I did get one to come out?


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Originally posted by Gadjet
I will ring Sound And Vision and try and get an engineer out

If your DVD and TV were sold to you by Sound And Vision, they should be aware of Panasonic / JVC " Dark RGB Issue ", especially with reference to Pioneer DVD players.

The onus is on them to "swap-out " a suitable replacement DVD player, unless you prefer this one, in which case use S-Video.
I doubt Sound And Vision have service arrangements in place to cover North Wales, and obviously any local dealer will refer you back to S & V.
You may be lucky, depends how far away from S & V you are :) .

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