totally gutted


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just hung new plasma on the wall lastnight, problem is during the day its basicly unwatchable due to the light coming in the widow, even with the blinds closed..
the thing is its the only wall it can be hung on in the sitting room due to the new corner couch taking up so much space...

am absolutely gutted :(

when i ordered the plaz i didnt think it would be as glary as it is. boo hoo

think my only option is to knock down walls and move doors (how much is this bl00dy plasma going to cost me)



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Just brick up your window, who needs to see outside anyway.

Seriously though, have you thought about a proper dimout blind (basically a blind made from thicker material that does not transmit light) you can get them from any DIY place like homebase.

I have one installed within the frame of the window behind the curtains and also fitted some L-shaped metal strips to the top and sides to provide a better "seal" against the light.

Personally I don't find I need to use it much actually - only when the sun is very bright or I want to watch a DVD properly in darkness during the day.


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Sell your sofa and buy bean bags :devil:

Seriously, I had this problem and the only answer was for the wife to buy some blackout lining and line our curtains, now its fine.



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oh dear, I thought it was just me having this unfortunate screen position. I have the same problem, the glare from the south facing window is very annoying. I have thick curtains but I would much prefer to watch TV with sun coming through the window.


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yeah me to deman i dont want to de sitting in darkness just to watch daytime tv, if i wanted that i would of kept my projector..

think i`ll measure up sitting rm and rip some walls down hehe


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"think i`ll measure up sitting room and rip some walls down he he"

There, the simplest option always works!!!



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I suppose having an incline wallmount could probably solve it, but I'm a cheapskate so I wouldn't know


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I think deman is right, I expect inclining the screen down would cure most of if not all the problem, depands how you like the look of it?

Best regards David

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