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Total newbie..


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Here we go..

Only ever had two phones as I rarely used them, but now want to indulge in the odd bit of email and facebook chat during my lunch break etc.

I know nothing about networks etc etc (have a basic company phone for work btw) but have been looking at some of those pay as you go phones.

What I would like..

The biggest screen possible (I like the ones you can turn sideways for a wide screen view)
Free internet (with say a tenner top up pm)
£100ish quid for the phone
Keyboard a bonus
Semi-decent camera a bonus
Similar fun games to my mates Iphone a bonus

Not bothered about a million free texts and all that, just the unlimited internet really.It will rarely be used as a phone to be honest!

I assume, if I find one and buy it and have it delievered, it's just a case of turn it on and away I go, or is there more setting up to do and forms to fill in etc? I also assume the internet is available anywhere at any time? (told you I was new to this)

Lastly, if you can find me one tonight that I can order with paypal, I will send you a tenner to your own personal paypal account for helping me out.I have been lost in a world of links for 2 hours and still have no idea what the best thing to go for is!

I know I could dive into a local carphone warehouse etc, but I know I will walk out with something I don't want or need, a 10 year extended warranty and a toaster...

Help me AV forums, you are my only hope :thumbsup:

Edited to add, I understand that some have a keyboard displayed on the phone anyway, so I don't have to have a proper slide out one.
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Orange San Francisco. It's best feature definitely being it's screen. 800x480 3.5 inches big. I'm pretty sure everybody here will recommend it to you. Camera is 3.2 MP which is not great. Operates on Android (google's own OS, extremely popular and customizable)

Another option would be the LG Optimus 540. A similar phone with slightly lesser specs however.

Around £100 for each. Sorry I can't be bothered going into a lot of detail but those are what I can recommend for a hundred squid.


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Cheers for the input.The San Fran one says 'Free Internet', but actually only allows 100mb per month it seems!


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Cheers for the input.The San Fran one says 'Free Internet', but actually only allows 100mb per month it seems!

The phone can be unlocked (allows you to put any network sim card in) for free. There is a thread on the phone on here, big thread. o2 have a fairly good allowance, 500mb a month.


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Just been having a look at that, cheers :smashin:

I think I may just pay a bit more and grab one unlocked and with the junk removed, from ebay.

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