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TOTAL newbie - Please help


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Hi everyone

I am a TOTAL newbie so please be gentle with me.

I have just bought a new plasma tv (Panasonic TH-50PX60B) and am now looking at getting the cables to connect it all up.

I have the following:-

Sky+ box
Liteon LVW 5025

I would like to buy the right type of cables to connect everything up. FYI I do not use the arial on my roof. I am more than happy using my Sky+ box for terestrial tv.

I do not know what is on the back of the Sky+ box but on the back of my Liteon is the following:-

VHS/UHF in/out jacks
Scart in
Scart out
AV Output jacks (video/audio L/R)
Component out
Digital out (optical)
Digital out (coaxial)

What is the best way of connecting my Sky and Liteon to my new tv? Should I be using scart,component or HDI leads (I have no idea what any of these are!!!!)

All help will be gratefully received and thank you in advance for all your help.


Also I have seen this web site. Can anyone give me any pointers as to where to buy the cables from? Is this place any good?


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You would need 2 fully wired SCART cables connected as follows:

Sky+ (TV SCART socket) -> SCART -> Lite-On (AUX SCART socket)
Lite-On (TV SCART socket) -> SCART -> TV (AV1 socket)

In [Menu] `Setup' -> `System' -> `Video Output' menu select `SCART RGB'
Goto page 26 of the manual and it describes `Setting TV MODE/SCART
Bypass' set to allow.
In [Menu] `Playback' -> `Aspect Ratio' set to 16:9 Wide.

Press `Services' -> `System Setup' -> `Picture settings' -> `Video Output' and set to `RGB' [and set `Picture Format' to 16:9]

To record Sky the DVD recorder's `SOURCE' button on it's remote must set the TV-viewing mode to SCART.

That site seems ok, get something like http://www.futureshop.co.uk/ixos-xht601075-ingot-scart-to-scart-lead-075m-p-252.html Depending how much you want to spend, as tbh after a certain price the returns diminish quickly.


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Thank you for your time. I will look into these scart leads. Should I assume that you also have a Liteon?

Also, are scart leads better than component leads or is it not worth my while getting component leads?



Hello, Interesting reading and I have a similar need. The difference is I have a Liteon LVW 5045 and wondered whether the set-up would be the same.

Many thanks for ant advice here.


Hi, Its ok I can confirm it did work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks anyhow for earlier instructions

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I don't think the Sky+ box has component out, so you have to live with RGB on Scart to see that at its best.

If your Liteon can upscale SD DVD material to 720p or 1080i, then connecting by component will give you better results than the SD over Scart (576i).

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