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Hi guys been reading this forum all day some very interesting people on here.
My question is a very simple one really, I currently have a very old 29" square ferguson tv (good in its day),a deceint jvc vcr, Denon stereo and dvd through a PS2. Of which the tv will be going for obvious reasons and the Denon to elsewhere in the house.
So I need a new TV and Dvd and would also want some sort of audio package.
My budget is around 1400-1600 sqid.
Not sure if to go for one these all in one units like the Sony Davs550 or not as there is a mixed feeling about these.
The whole system will be mainly used for viewing Dvd's, Sky Digi, Ps2 and the occasional CD but the CD is the least important.
Any views or recomendations welcome.
Will be away for a few hours as i'm off to see a bone cruncher


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I think i'll be going for either the Sony 32fx66 or Toshiba 32zd26p as these are both around the 1000 mark leaving about 500 for dvd, receiver and speakers.
Dvd i'm thinking of Toshiba sd-220e or sd-510e (around 200)
Receiver + speakers not a clue.
Any help or views or suggestions welcome.


I'm most impressed with the Sony 5:1 and DTS audio system I got earlier this year, which works very well with my Toshiba DVD and Sky Digibox.

It's the one with the five speakers the size of coffee cups plus a sub woof woof...

I believe there's a new version out this month for less than three hundred quid!


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