Total HC newb, need a little help please!


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Hello, here's a bit of background:

Last week I bought an Onkyo HTR380 AV Receiver (£300, with speakers, well impressed!) and a Sony BDPS370 from Richer Sounds. Took it home, set it up, works a treat. Then my gaffer told me "Change the bitstream setting on your player so that you get the DTS MASTER AUDIO logo on your amp" so I had a go at that the other day but couldn't find anything on the player called bitstream. A lot of stuff says PCM, or Downmix or similar. I tinkered with the amp settings but I managed to mess it up good and proper, to the extent where the surround speakers didn't even work. Quick look online, reset (for the player and amp), sorted. Tried the disc again and there it is, dts master audio. Lovely stuff.

I went to watch the film last night (in full, without messing about with any settings) and it isn't there anymore. DOHHH. When I select the details button on the BD remote, it pops up on screen saying dts master audio, so it is coming through but well... I really want that little logo. Could any of you fantastic people please point me in the right direction?

The film was Sherlock Holmes, if you're interested.

Thanks for your time :)


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From what you are saying, you get the DTS master text appear on your receiver and then disappear.

Thats supposed to happen, my receiver does that. It is just there to tell you it has recognised the correct audio format, its the same when you put Dolby through it it'll say dolby for a few seconds then usually flicks back to the inputs name.

Sometimes you can set what appears in your receiver display instead of the input name, but to be honest it doesn't change the sound and aesthetically it makes more sense to know the input name and not the audio format of the source!

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