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Tosiba 36ZP48 Display problem




I have a TV that is only a week old, I am in the process of arranging a warranty repair, but I wondered if anyone else has had this problem with a Toshiba 36ZP48P TV. Randomly the picture seems to drop about a third of the way down the screen, it doesnt matter if i watch the tv through digital or analogue, I have also checked my screen format, and scan mode and none of it seems to work...has anyone else had similar issues or have any tips please?


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I certainly haven't had any problems like that on my 32ZP. If you've replaced the SCART, then it's probably a fault, or poor factory setup. Sounds like a vertical hold problem, but who can tell with modern TVs — do they even have a vertical hold these days? Best to get an engineer out and while they are there take the opportunity to grill them on any general weakness of your model.
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