Toshiba ZP38 Setup Problems



Just bought a 3-year old Toshiba 32ZP38 from a colleague to replace my JVC AV28R25S and have been having some setup problems. I've read the threads on the well known PSU problem and think my first problem is probably un-related.

Firstly, my JVC had a fab picture but was just too small having moved with a bigger lounge now. When I connect the Tosh directly into the terrestrial TV socket the picture is a bit snowy which is not noticable on the JVC (run them side by side through a splitter). Could there have always been imperfections in my aeriel signal but I can only see them now with the bigger set? There are feint horizontal lines which is a bit like the problem described in other threads where the capacitor needs replacing? The picture imperfections are there even when all my other equipment is switched off. Freeview picture is perfect but I assume this is just because it is digital.

Secondly, I have a Panasonic TUC30 freeview box and Pioneer DVR-520H DVD recorder. I notice now that when the terrestrial signal passes through the Pioneer the outgoing signal is much snowier - again never seen on the JVC. It's better now I go through the Pioneer first and then into the freeview box. I've even bought Profigold gold-plated, double-shielded antenna interconnecting cables and it hasn't helped much. I think even with a perfect incoming terrestrial signal unlike my first point I would see interference so perhaps I have 2 faults? I'm using the 'Natural' scan setup.

Thanks for any info you can share. I hope I can get this sorted as it's not a patch on the JVC as yet but the bigger screen is great!


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hi first of all i would get the aerial checked out to see if it the problem,
some sets need a better signal than others it just depends on the tuning unit inside it could be bad coax and the set dont like it

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