Toshiba ZD26P - 32" Vs 36"


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Okay, sorry to start another thread on this, but as someone who is right on the edge of ordering a 36ZD26P, I feel that I really need to know the answer to this. . . . .

There would appear to be a lot of issues with the 36ZD26P, are these issues shared with the 32 and 28???

Should I re-think my decision and go for the 32ZD26P, or does this have the same problems as the 36? And if the two sets do share the same problems, then how come the 32ZD26P has won so many awards??!!!



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I had two 32ZDs until I changed to a 36ZD, I am very happy I changed to the larger screen size.

I experienced buzzing, progressive scan pulsating, and shadows on both my 32ZDs. The 36ZD I currently own is almost perfect, the shadows are present but are no worse than on my previous 32ZDs; there is also a minor geometry problem which I hope an engineer can fix.

I would highly recommend the 36ZD over the 32ZD, I think it is down to luck if you get a good or bad model.

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