Toshiba XS32 Strange finalizing issue

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by Nathan Brazil, Aug 6, 2005.

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    Following advice on this forum, I used the German firmware fix to update my machine. As predicted, it then accepted X4 -RW media with no problem. Until today, when something happened that I've haven't seen before. As this may trouble others, I'm posting the details.

    I was high-speed dubbing a couple of movies to a -RW disk. That part went flawlessly. I then finalized the disk, which seemed to be proceeding well, until the last second, when the Tosh bleeped and insisted that the disk was not finalised. Worse still, it seemed to think that there was nothing on the -RW, and I should format it. But, when I tried to follow this option, thinking the recording had been corrupted, the Tosh said that the disk was finalized, and if I went ahead I'd lose the contents. Bearing in mind these are contents it no longer saw in the content menu.

    I took the disk to my PC, and guess what, the disk is finalized and plays perfectly, content intact. It also plays in my stand-alone LG player. I wondered whether this meant that the disk would never again be 'seen' by the Tosh, unless I format it. :rolleyes: But, when I returnned the disk to the Tosh, it decided all was well. :smashin: The moral of this tale, I suppose, being don't believe what the machine tells you!

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