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Toshiba XS32 & Sony camcorder

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by Mechman, Dec 28, 2004.

  1. Mechman


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    Tonight just purchased a firewire cable so that I can burn & edit the contents of my Sony TRV 19E camcorder on to the hdd. Really disapointed with the quality of the recording. Fast movement seems ghosty, like a badly aimed TV aerial. I actually get better quality recording through the line input sockets! I have seen no complaints about record quality with the XS32 on this board so can anyone suggest what I may be doing wrong? I have tried recording with bitrate at its highest setting with no improvement. The cable is a Belkin UNIV compatible IEEE1394.

    All sugestions gratefully received
  2. dood

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    Aug 4, 2000
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    I also did some recording from my sony HC30 onto DVD RAM using firewire this weekend.

    The quality seemed OK. A bit grainy but this is probably because the tapes were originally recorded on my old canon mv300, indoors (didn't handle low light very well).

    I did encounter some problems though. The bitrate setting on RAM was 2.8 but on HDD was 4.6. When I tried to change these settings with AV record quality I couldn't. I'm still not sure if the recording was in fact done at a higher bitrate but the display remains as 2.6. The total recording time is about 2 hours, I'll have to check to see how mauch remains on the disc to work out what bitrate was used.

    Another problem I encountered later was that the unit took forever to boot up because the RAM disc was still in it. It then gave an error message saying that the RAM disc was faulty or dirty. Yet the disc was brand new and had not been removed from the player since its first insertion. It's a panasonic 4.7Gig without caddy. I've taken it out now and will put it back in to see what happens.

    Anyone able to explain the problems I have encountered?

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