Toshiba XE1 - actual height.


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Hi all. Im on the verge of buying a Toshiba XE1. One thing that is critical for me is the actual height of the player. AVF's review here says its 9cm tall, but the official Toshiba PDF file says it's 7cm. If it's 7cm I can fit it in my AV stack. If it's 9cm Im going to struggle!

Could I ask any owners of the XE1 if they would consider measuring the height of the player from the surface of where it's standing?

Thank you very much! :smashin:



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Hi Dan,

Just measured the's 7.5cm (including feet). :)


God.....i get off my chair,walk all the way into the kitchen to get my tape measure only to come back and find someones already bloody posted!


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Can I add to this to ask are there air vent holes on the top of the XE1 and E1 players similar to what is on an AV receivers.

My reason for asking is that my shelf is 8cm big and am not wanting to buy either the E1 or XE1 to place in there to find it overheats due to air vent restriction.


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