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Toshiba X3030 owners - how is BluRay 24p? Judder?


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Hello everyone!

This will be my first post here on this excellent forum (but not my first time reading ;)...). Sorry if this threads repeats anything on the forum. I have read all the posts on this set, but didn't think there was any definite answer...

To cut a long story short I have decided to get an LCD with 37", Full-HD and "true" 24p support. Today I was at a dealer's and saw several panels fed with a 24p signal from Blu-Ray and I thought only ONE panel could handle it well - the Samsung F86 with 100/120Hz TrueMotion. The others (Samsung M86, Sony W3000 etc.) had the irritating "judder" I've been reading about but hoping I wouldn't see.. (Or was it something else?)

Since they (annoyingly enough) did not have the Tosh X3030 and the Z3030 there didn't work, it leads me to the question:

How well does the X3030 handle 24p signals from BluRay?
(especially PS3). Is there "telecine judder" to a large extent? Compared to 100/120Hz?

Many thanks in advance! // Leif S


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Thanks for the reply, although slightly late :thumbsup:;).

After having been to a local A/V retailer and been told that all the staff there had plasmas I took a look at Panasonics PX70 and immediately went for that - been a super happy camper ever since :thumbsup:.



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Hi all,

I could really use some help with this if possible. I have a Samsung EH6030, 200MHZ. 200 doesn't go into 24, sadly :( and I've set my PS3's setting regarding this to off, and no luck :(

Is there any way I can force the TV or PS3 to be compatable with the other, such as having the TV running at 196MHZ? Otherwise this might turn out to be a big waste of money :(


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Thanks, I did this and it's mostly helped except in the case of Disney Blu Ray movies, which I've had to use a little bit of clear motion with otherwise it looks horrendous. Thanks for replying :)

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