Toshiba WLT68


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Been holding out to see what these are like, so thanks for the link! :)

Looking good so far, but why on earth did they put the third HDMI on the side??! :-/


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looks good

ive been waiting for this set which will probably turn out to be my first HD set when i buy in november.


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Do we have any additional info on this set? I'll be looking for a 37" / 40" LCD HDTV sometime in october / november and I don't want to spend a fortune for a Sony V2000, which will probably still cost quite a lot.

There's two things I'd really like to know: a) what pannel will the 37" version use, since it seems that next-gen (7th gen? 8th gen?) pannels only come in 32" and 40", and b) will they fix the PC connectivity problems the WLT66 supposedly has.

That's all I'm asking, make it happen Toshiba. I just love the new design.
Putting the 3rd HDMI on the side seems to be a strange trend, but I don't care so long as it's there.

I'd love to review one of these once they're out, I'll have to become good friends with the Toshiba people :D


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If the new Toshiba can do PC input properly, i.e. 1:1 at 1360x768 (preferably through HDMI or DVI), then i'll wait for this one!

Otherwise the extra HDMI socket isn't much of an improvement :(
PocketLint said:
while a component video socket means you can still watch videos from old-school VCRs.
Maybe that's why we only see one set of Component inputs in Europe... nobody over here knows what it actually is :D

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