toshiba wlt68 hdmi upscaling

michael 38

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just bought a toshiba 37 wlt 68 + connected it to my panasonic dmrex75 dvd recorder with hdmi upscaling via a good quality mark grant hdmi cable and have set the tv up with the thx calibration feature on the alien dvd.

but the picture looks no better than an ordinary dvd picture i thought the point of upscaling was that it makes a big differance, or am i missing some thing


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The quality of the picture will depend entirely on the quality of the upscaler in your equipment. If the upscaler in your DVD device is no better than the upscaler in the TV, then obviously the picture will be no better.

Unless the upscaler in your DVD is WORSE than the TV, you are still better off connecting via HDMI as this is lossless as opposed to SCART which is not.

As for the upscaler in the WLT68, this is quite good as can be seen by the fact that this set produces one of the best upscaled SD pictures of all LCDs on the market at the moment.

You could see if there are options in the DVD recorder output settings menu to change the output resolution and try some different settings, although I did that with my Philips DVP5960 and I can't really see any difference.

michael 38

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thanks put resolution up to 1080i and cant see any differance cant see why everbody complains about the tosh remotes mine is perfect

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