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Toshiba WLT58 or WL56 final answer


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I was looking through the threads searching for a one stop answer to my question. Unfortunately I couldn't find it. My question is simple.

What is the difference between the 37wl56 and the 37wlt58 toshiba. A list would be perfect. Something of the sort:

1) 37wlt58 has 2*hdmi vs 37wl56 which has 1
2) wlt58 has different styling
3) wlt58 has a tuner (maybe)
4) wlt has new picture processing techniques
5) wlt has dolby surround

These are guesses, but if there is an expert out there with definitive knowledge then it would be great to have this info.

Thanks in advance,



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I am no expert, but........

You can download the owners manuals for both the 58WLT and 56WT range from the Toshiba website.

Obviousily component in without the adapter is a benefit, keeps VGA free for XBox360, plus the 2 HDMI as you've stated (I would prefer 1 DVI / 1 HDMI like LG's).

The manual shows it has both Digital and analogue TV tuners, in DTV mode you can use the channel buttons, just like normal TV :D !

The WLT manual link on RHS (1.05mB!!):-


The WL manual link (enter model number):-


The WLT manual appears to be the same version which was available from TESC posted a few weeks ago, (there are no obvious revision codes or part numbers).

As you have seen there are a number of threads regarding the WLT range, I believe that Luke 1983uk (young boy!) will get his 32WLT58 on Tuesday. Looking forward to his views.


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Well here is the answer to my own question (by visiting the tosh site and doing a spot the difference on the specification of the two models.

In no order and in format 58 vs 56

1) Weight: 22kg vs 24kg
2) connections: 2HDMI vs 1, subwoofer out, rear audio out, proper component video
3) Digital TV tuner
4) EPG (whatever that is)
5) Constrast ratio: 800 vs 600.
6) Different styling

Do you reckon the above is worth the extra money (about 200 pounds difference).

Thoughts? Maybe some answers on EPG and how much difference the contrast ratio makes... Any other thoughts?




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christhedon said:
Do you reckon the above is worth the extra money (about 200 pounds difference).
Simple answer is "that depends" ;) Basically do you want digital freeview? Of course analogue TV will be switched off in 2007 (i think) meaning you will need a digital tuner, but you can buy them seperately - I went of the 58 partly because it has a built in digital tuner.. a tidier solution (digital tuners can be bought seperately for £40 upwards)
Also the 58 has a true component input - meaning you don't have to use a dsub to component converter... also the 2x HDMI will be invaluable as HDMI becomes the standard connection in place of SCART... as an example an external HDMI sitcher can cost upwards of £200 at the moment...
Styling... the 58 is nocer in my opinion.. although neither ar truly cutting edge in terms of their style

So, in my opinion the 58 is worth the extra money...

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