Toshiba WH36 service menu ?

scooby do

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When converging is there separate settings for PAL progress mode for Super Live etc etc. I only seem to get an option to converge WIDE only, unlike the other modes where you can converge superlive, subtitle etc.

Also while on the subject is there separate settings for Svideo, Component, RGB for convergence and/or geometry.

One last thing how do we set convergence for NTSC


Mango Bob

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Hi scooby,

You put a R1 dvd in your player to set the ntsc convergence, i.e. you can only do it when receiving an ntsc signal. At this point you can only set the progressive convergence, it won't let you set (or view, I think) other display modes.

I think there's only one convergence option for PAL your convergence off in 4:3 progressive?

I can't stand progressive mode with Sky so can't really remember, the artifacts look only gets used with DVD, and it'd be so nice if the TV remembered which source to display in which mode!

scooby do

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Cheers Mango. 4/3 is fine but just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything. Progressive mode with Sky looks ok but not tweaked the focus yet so probably not quite sharp enough to show up any nasties. Interestingly index have the WH36 listed in their latest book and also on their web page. Wonder if they are getting mixed up with the WH36. Just sold my 42 wh36 at the weekend to a RPTV doubter. Almost was a no sale as the set had been sitting in my garage since June bought it out the garage to show them what the picture was like and it was appaling. Told them it would need to settle down as it only has 30 hours on the clock, dismantled it so I could fit it in my car and drove it to their house with the heating on full blast. Put it back together and they were well pleased with the picture. Done a quick convergence and will re visit for focus and full convergence once run in.

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