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Hi, I am new to the whole 'wanting a giant TV'-scene and have done some research but am not sure about which TV to choose. I have narrowed it down to:

- Sony KP 44 PS2U - 107 cm
- Toshiba 42 WH 18P - 107cm
- Toshiba 50 WH 18P - 127 cm

I have read good things about the Sony and the Toshiba 42 but cannot find any info on the Toshiba 50. Is it the same quality as the 42? Which would you TV experts recommend. Perhaps an entirely different set that I have not thought about yet. My budget is anywhere between Euro 2500-3500.

Any advice is very welcome!


Im looking as well mate , think your as well deciding between the sony and tosh. going by the reviews only advantage tosh has is dvb.
but wont make a heap of diffrence if you have sky , im edging towards the sonykp44ps2
looks miles better , got to keep the wife happy .lol.


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Toshiba generally attract good reviews so they're a pretty safe bet. It might be a good idea to find a dealer who will demonstrate the sets with source material of your choice.


Im in the same boat and have looked at the sony kp44ps2 but there is a new one coming out next week the sony kp44px2 so wait until that it out before deciding...

Details can be seen at

When I called them about it they were expecting delivery next week for shipping the week after...


I am really only buying the set for watching DVDs and not for watching regular TV and I have read that the Tosh is just great for that.
Also: the Sony is more expensive compared to the Tosh certainly if you look at the Toshiba 50" that sells for Euro 3000 at a German store.

Can anyone tell me if the Tosh 42WH18P is the same as the 50WH18P? The review on this site of the 42 is great so if the 50 has the same quality I will definetely go for that.


O yes, one more very important thing: somehow the prices in Holland are much higher than in Germany. Can I just order the TV in Germany and be sure that it will work in The Netherlands.


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