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I have a Toshiba DVD / Video Cassette Recorder model DVR20KB and I am trying to record from a VHS to a DVD +R. When following the below instructions:

Insert a disc and a videotape with a record tab.
1 In stop mode, press [SETUP]. Select General Setting , then press [ENTER\OK].
2 Select Recording , then press [ENTER\OK].
3 Select Dubbing Mode , then press [ENTER\OK].

Option window will appear.

4 Select VCR to DVD , then press [ENTER\OK].
5 Press [SETUP] to exit.
6 Press [VCR].
7 Press [PLAY ], and then press [PAUSE] where you want to start recording.
8 Press [DVD].

Make sure to select a recording mode using [REC MODE].

9 Press [DUBBING]. VCR to DVD duplication will start.
10 Press [STOP ] to stop the recording.

After step 9, I see a red circle displayed with a diagonal line through it, (similar to the attached), no error message, nothing else is shown. Any ideas what the issue could be? Many thanks in advance.


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Suspect either
a) the original tape is copy protected - certain commercial releases were so "equipped" or
b) the original tape is either damaged or out of tracking alignment such that the machine thinks it's (a).
What tapes are you trying to copy - self recorded or pre-recorded? See above reply.


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Restrictions on Recording
You cannot record copy-protected video using this unit. Copy-
protected video includes DVD-videos and some satellite
If copy-protected material is detected, recording will pause or
stop automatically and an error message appears on the
You can only record "Copy-once only" video using a DVD-RW
disc in VR mode with Content Protection for Recordable
Media (CPRM).
When recording a TV broadcast or an external input, you can
display copy control information on the screen.
CPRM is a scrambling copy protection system for the
protection of "copy-once" broadcast programmes.
This unit is CPRM compatible, which means that you can
record copy-once broadcast programmes, but you cannot
then make a copy of those recordings. CPRM recordings can
only be played back on DVD players that are specifically
compatible with CPRM

The above is from the manual, does any of the above apply?

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