Toshiba V852 controlling Amstrad DRX300 STB


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Sep 17, 2002
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Anybody out there know the code for Amstrad DRX300 so that I can control it from my Toshiba 852 VCR

This will enable me to store the satellite channels on the VCR which in turn will enable me to use the videoplus codes.....I think!

Err no...

You can't store satellite channels on your VCR - unless I am misunderstanding what you are saying.

You can store the output of your satellite box, either through the aerial socket, or better still, a SCART lead, but not individual satellite channels.

Is that what you mean?
No you should be able to allocate channels on your VCr to channels on tbhe DRX300 provided the VCR is in SAT(ellite) mode.

I know there is a code for the DRX100 (156) which Toshiba helpline keep on saying but when pushed for the code for the DRx300 they can't give me an answer

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