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Morning -

Massively Newbie question - I'm sorry, please be kind ! :)

My 25-year-old Yamaha tuner recently popped its clogs and my JVC amp of similar vintage was looking tired, so I decided to leap into the 21st Century and kill 2 birds with one stone with a new-fangled AV Receiver.

In other words, I bought it really to replace the dead tuner, and to have something that had a remote control for a change lol... but I also had it in mind to hook up my Squeezebox, Blu-Ray player, TV etc. However I didn't really research the AV side of things too thoroughly as I just assumed it was straightforward.

The amp is a basic Onkyo TX-SR308, and I'm pleased with it so far. However, despite being a lifelong techie / geek, I am baffled as to how to hook up my TV !.

The Onkyo has 3 HDMI inputs and one output. The 'Quickstart' manual shows the TV hooked into the HDMI output... and a SKY box (etc) hooked into one of the HDMI Inputs. I clearly want the TV hooked into the output... but I don't have SKY, I just use the TV built-in Freeview... so there needs to be an 'input' connection there somewhere, surely ? However - the TV is a bit aged (Toshiba Regza AV50 series, 42" LCD) and its 2 HDMI ports are both labelled 'input'... as in fact are all its AV and Component ports (there's no optical or coax) The only way I can see, of getting anything OUT of the telly, is via the 2 SCART connectors.

So, I guess I could take SCART-to-RCA and go into the Onkyo on an analog AV input... and go back to the TV on HDMI... but then I think my problem will be, that I need to select 'DTV' on the telly to get Freeview from the built-in tuner... and that means HDMI input is not active... so I'll just get the 'internal' TV picture, not via HDMI in, which means I won't see the on-screen overlaid Onkyo setup menus, which are handy of course.... but at least the Onkyo might pick off the sound from the AV input and I'll get it from my speakers ? Maybe ? But presumably I'll also get it from the TV speakers too ?

Oh dear, my brain hurts... As I said. massive newbie question and I'm sorry... I think I am coming to the conclusion that I need a better TV.... in which case, what is the thing that it needs to support, if such a thing even exists, for me to come out of it on HDMI, into the Onkyo, and then back to it on HDMI from the Onkyo so I get a TV picture with on-screen Onkyo menus plus the sound through the 5.1 ? Or, would it be easier to abandon using Freeview and just get SKY so I have a signal source to digitally input to the Onkyo ?

Thanks in advance for any comments / suggestions.. and hopefully not too many flames ? :)

Cheers - Chris.


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Does your TV an an optical output? If so then use this to the receiver. If not (and it does not have phono output either) then the scart to RCA would be your best option.
If looking to get a new TV then most will have ARC (Audio Return Channel) which will mean sound will be conveyed from the TV to the receiver via the one HDMI lead from the output of the receiver to the input to the TV (as long as you connect to the correct ARC enabled HDMI input).


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Most modern TVs use ARC (Audio Return Channel) over HDMI. As your TV does not have this, you will need to fudge things a little!

Use a scart to take audio only from the TV back to the amp. Plug into an analogue input and select this when you want to listen to the TV. On the TV, select DTV, not Scart. It's a bit more button pressing and you may end up with lip sync issues, but you should be able to get it to work OK.

ARC means modern TVs just have 1 HDMI plugged in and routed their audio back to the amp when the "TV" input is selected, the amp routes the audio and tells the TV to select the internal tuner. All a but mind bending to think about, but in practice it all works... usually!


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Ok, thanks PSM1 and noiseboy for replies and for not ripping me to bits :)

In the absence of optical-out from the TV, it does seem like my theory at least makes sense, that Scart-to-RCA is the only way to get sound into the Onkyo... so I shall make up a cable tonight. However in the course of writing that post it became clear to me that in fact my problem really stems from wanting to use the internal Freeview tuner in the TV. I guess the middle-ground solution (rather than investing in a better TV) would be to have an external tuner - either external Freeview box or SKY box ? Which could then go direct to the Amp... ?

I think I understand the concept of ARC but I confess though I am still slightly puzzled.... seems like you are saying that the sound from the TV goes out to the amp via HDMI... even though the HDMI port that I believe I need to use, on the amp, is labelled 'HDMI OUT'... ? And, if the TV is displaying what it's getting from its internal tuner, how can the amp then overlay on-screen menus onto that, by sticking them into the TV's HDMI input, which is not being used ?

Anyway, way ahead seems clear, thanks once again for your comments :)


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I think I understand the concept of ARC but I confess though I am still slightly puzzled....

This may be of some assistants:
What is HDMI ARC? And What Does It Do For Your HDTV? | HD Guru

HDMI :: Manufacturer :: HDMI 1.4 :: Audio Return Channel

HDMI is ordinarily directional and can only either send data via an output or receive it via an input. HDMI 1.4 offers the possibility of an Audio Return Channel (ARC) that allow HDMI inputs on a device to facilitate the return of just the audio created or sourced via the device to a suitable equipped AV receivers HDMI output. Both devices must use HDMI version 1.4 HDMI interfaces and both devices need to have ARC capabilities included.
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