Toshiba to PC and to Sound System: need help!

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hi everyone. i finally got my Toshiba 37WLT58 yesterday unannounced when amtrak delivered it lol and its an absolute monster! To any of you still waiting, keep checking your bank account, If the money goes out, then you know the TV's on it's way to you:)

Anyway I have 2 questions that are baffling me.

I'm sorry if there are posts about this in the forum, but I haven't come across any that match my needs.

First off, I have a Logitech Z680 sound system which looks like this:


The sound system has a console centre. (far right) which has these connections on the back:


First off, what I'd like to know is how do I connect my tv to this console centre. Obviously my tv doesn't have any coaxial or SPDIF connections. My pc is connected to my sound system via Coax and sounds superb. How would I go about connecting my tv to this console? I was thinking I could use phono 2 phono leads to connect the tv to my soundcard on my PC, but that means I have to keep the PC on whenever I want to hear the tv through the sound system which is a waste of electricity lol.

My second question is what's the best way to go about connecting my pc to the TV. I have a Nvidia Geforce 6800GT graphics card, and I presume all i need to do is to connect from vga to vga? and if i do that, can i still view the image on my pc monitor? the card also has DVI and S-video connections, so i'm confused lol.

I have a small adaptor that came with the graphics card which has vga connection at one end, and DVI on the other. can I connect the PC to the TV via DVI to VGA?? so many questions! lol.


Do most of you have dual displays? as in are you able to send out 2 signals from your graphics card to the toshiba, and also your pc monitor? because I dont want to overheat my graphics card by asking too much of it lol.

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