Toshiba TLP510 Vertical Banding?




This is my first post on the boards, I just happened to come across this site while searching for some info on my projector and this seems to be the best place for it!

Recently I purchased a Toshiba TLP510 LCD Projector. For the first few days, image quality was excellent, with minimal "ghosting", nothing serious, it was easy to ignore. Recently, however, it has started to exhibit a problem which I'm assuming is the vertical banding problem that seems to plague certain models. Rather than describe the problem, I've attached pictures that show exactly whats happening...any thoughts? I think it's kind of strange that only half the screen is effected while the other half is perfectly fine...

Any feedback on this issue would be greatly appreciated, I'd hate to have to get rid of this projector if this is some alignment issue that could be easily tweaked or adjusted.

Thanks again! :thumbsup:


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