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OK, This is all a bit pie in the sky but maybe I can learn a few things for the future.

Last night I borrowed a works Projector, the Toshiba TDP-TW90. It worked fine and It was a great feeling to have a cinema at home.

I did a bit of a bodge job, with just a white sheet pinned to a wall. But I still thought it looked good.

I did notice that when we watched Finding Nemo the clown fish seemed darker than they should have done, but the picture was still vibrant and beautiful.

(Great fun for games too....)

OK my question is ( i think)

Should I move house and get a garage or basement I can convert how much would this projector be and is there better for less money the same money.

What is bulb usage like in general? and does it cost loads to replace?

I am green I know,

Thanks Tom


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These are about £1300 it seems.

They are designed primarily for the presentation market though - and they have somewhat different needs to the video market. Hence, while you can certainly use this type of PJ for home cinema, TBH, you can get better results for watching DVDs by using a PJ designed for video/home cinema use.

Playing PC games changes the requirement a bit though - the ideal PJ here would probably be a cross between HC and presentation models :)

HC models are quieter (fan noise), have better colour wheel technology (DLP), better connectivity, better resolution (LCD) and usually have native 16:9 display panels (as opposed to the more usual 4:3 panels found in presentation models).

Can you get better for DVD watching for £1300 - IMO yes you can. From the DLP camp, take a look at something like the imminent Toshiba MT400 (which AFAIK shares the same casework as the model you borrowed :) ) or Mitsubishi HC910 (there are others of course).
From the LCD camp, the newcomers making all the running at the moment at around £1300 are - Sanyo Z4, Panasonic AE900, Epson TW600 and TW520, Hitachi TX200.
You could perhaps add the Sony HS50 in there too with it's recent price reduction, but in view of the other models available now, and the imminent arrival of the HS60, it looks a tad overpriced to me, but that's just my personal opinion. Perhaps the outstanding deal is the Hitachi TX200 at £1120 from discounttv - although the 3yr warranty equipped Sanyo and Epsons look attractive propositions too (IMO)!

Lamp prices vary with model and maker, but as a ball park you are looking at around £250 on average with a typical life of around 2-3000 hours (although this figure is subject to some large variations)

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OK so I borrowed a tad expensive projector, Glad i didnt break it.

So what can you get for home cinema that is good for less.

How low can you go for a decent one?
Which is the most suited to a bit of XBox, PS2 and DVD action?
I guess my budget should i ever get a budget would be about £500.

But as I said earlier all pie in the sky.

Thanks for the help and I will start saving the pennies now.

If a bulb lasts only 3000 hours thats a constant use of about 34 days solid.
So you use it 3 hours a day for a year is 1095 hours.
Which means you get about 3 years a bulb? Does that sound about right?
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