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Toshiba SW1000 Parts needed help

Bad Boy Bubby

Standard Member
I recently bought one of these on ebay as a B Grade customer return missing some parts. Unfortunately the only parts missing are the unique ones the vesa mount nuts and bolts and I wish to mount it on the back of my new 37XV505.

So does anyone have a SW1000 that they have not mounted on the back of the televison and would you be willing to sell me the parts for a nominal fee.


I don't know if advertising like this is allowed if not please accept my apologies and remove. If it is allowed could I post in a couple of other catergories to get more responce because I think these may be hard to find.




Please post in just one category at a time. If you get a response then you should move to the trading forums to finalise a deal,



Peter Galbavy

I know this may be obvious, but have you asked Toshiba directly ?

Many consumer manufacturers will be in a good position to send out "fixing kits" and similar, sometimes even free.

Bad Boy Bubby

Standard Member
Yes I have contacted them and they referred me to there main uk spare parts supplier but according to there site they have no spares for this unit. So I have emailed them just to double check if they come back with a no, I will email Toshiba again asking if they can send one out. Hopefully they will oblige.

Bad Boy Bubby

Standard Member
I got an email back from seme nedis Toshiba's official uk parts supplier saying they cannot source the part :thumbsdow.

So I have emailed Toshiba support direct but I am not holding out much hope now really. so looking for plan B solutions.

My colleague suggested velcro strips which I think is a good idea but 2 concerns really

1 sticking strips on the back of my new telly only cosmetic I know but not easy removable.

2 my other colleague seemed to think I would get vibrations from it being strapped direct to the back of the telly.

Another option I can see is using vesa bolts and creating a hook on the set on the telly and just hooking it on similar to the way it should work, maybe with some rubber spacers holding it off the back of the telly.

Any one else come up with an easy good solution ??




Standard Member
I have a faulty SW-1000 hanging off the back of my old 32WLT66, I'm happy for you to have the mounts if you will take the sub as well. PM me if interested..........

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