Toshiba Strata TV's and unshielded speakers


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I'm considering buying a 36" Strata TV but would have to place my unshielded Tannoy M2.5's close to the sides. My previous rented Toshiba 32MW7DB suffered no ill effects from this, I assume because my speakers were shielded from the tube by the TV's own speakers' shielding. Looking at the Strata sets there seem to be speakers on either side below the display, and on either side at the rear, but maybe this wouldn't be enough to stop staining? Does anyone have unshielded speakers close to their Strata, and if so what are the effects?

Cheers, Peter


Hi Peter,

I recently bought a 32ZD26 Strata. I've not got unshielded speakers next to it, but I'd say be careful!

When I bought my TV, it got delivered without the stand. I set up the TV on the floor with my DVD player and Digibox alongside to the left of the TV. After a day, the TV started to display a rainbow effect at the side next to my kit.

Once I got the TV on the stand, the rainbow effect went away - however it maybe suggests that the TV COULD be sensitive to unshielded magnetic sources at the sides.

Hope that helps,


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Peter I have an Anthony Gallo 5.1 speaker set up and when I tried to place the centre channel on top of the TV the picture became blurred and streaky, similar to the effect mentioned by Adele as a rainbow. The centre is now under the telly and it causes no apparent problems at all. I assume that the sets internal speakers a shielding it from the tube.

Hope this helps


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