toshiba settings



i am having my TOSHIBA 32ZP38B delivered on wednesday,hopefully !

could someone advise on the best/correct settings?

i would like to get the PQ as best as i can,before the wife comes home from work,as she will expect to see where all that money has gone !!

i am not an experienced in this field,so any advice would be great.

thanks in advance

Homer Simpson

When you first switch it on it will look dreadful! Picture mode 1 has contrast set to 100% - go straight to picture mode 3 and adjust from there.
I'll try and remember to note my settings down tonight.


thanks so far.

i look forward to your reply.

thanks again.

Joe Pineapples

Distinguished Member
i've had the same set for a couple of weeks now. These are the settings i've settled on

Contrast 64
Brightness 50
Colour 32
Tint 0
Sharpness 0
Scan mode ‘natural’
DNR ‘auto’
Black stretch ‘off’
Colour temp ‘cool’

To be honest i think all those settings are down to personal choice. I chose them for viewing through RGB on skydigital (inc BBC1, ITV etc), with skybox set to 'low' contrast. These picture settings also suit my DVD player (again through RGB).

I wont spout the "proud owner" waffle :), but just to say that i'm totally happy with the set.




i have just unpacked mine,made a cup of tea,and will now start playing !

thanks for the settings,it will save me a lot of time to get a decent picture.

thanks again

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