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Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by Chickster, Aug 31, 2004.

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    Thought I'd let everyone know about the cheap Toshiba SD900E dvd players around for £499. A couple of retailers have this model on their websites for sale e.g. Krish AV and LEconcepts.

    Whilst this player is an absolute bargin for this price BE CAREFUL before buying because these players are not brand new. I know this information because one of the retailers who currently sell this model told me recently. As this model is discontinued, any that arrive in stock at retailers currently are almost always refurbished stock. The players have usually been returned by customers because of a fault, sent back to Toshiba to be repaired, returned fixed to the retailers complete with new boxes, remote controls and manuals but then not wanted by the original customer. Often the fascia or case has been replaced.

    Don't get me wrong, they are as good as brand new players and often you cannot tell they aren't new. The players come complete with a 12 month warranty via the retailer which is supported by Tosihba and the repair may have been something as simple as a replacement of a chip or board.

    The reason I'm highlighting this is because the websites do not indicate these are likely to be refurbished and by law they should. I bought a Tosh SD900E from a retailer and it was obvious when I received it that it had been previously owned. This was not made clear to me and had been sold as brand new so I returned it for a refund. When I went to buy one from a different retailer a few days later I was told in advance that it was likely to be a refurbished item and not brand new. However, it came with a full warranty and I had a 7 day period in which to see if I was happy with it or I could return it for a refund. The retailer guaranteed it was as new and would check it personally before it left the shop. Due to their honesty and knowledge I bought one especially since these players are almost a similar price second hand on the forums with NO warranty.

    It would be extremely rare to be able to buy a brand new SD900E at this price and any retailer that tells you it is is likely to not be telling the truth.

    At this price with a warranty it's still a bargin and any repair should've been done by Toshiba.

    Remember to ask the retailer first if you're buying one.

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