Toshiba SD510 player PAL60?


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Can anyone tell me if the Tosh can ouput a PAL60 signal?

The reason I ask is that I have connected the player to my old SONY tv (15yrs old) via the video phono connector (composite) and it produces a black & white picture when viewing NTSC DVDs.

If not, can it be upgraded via firmware or is it a hardware upgrade?


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That particular Toshiba will output NTSC>NTSC or NTSC>RGB but it wont do PAL60. And the hardwares not upgradeable.

But if its in you r budget the TV may be ;)


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I've read that the Toshiba 420 can output PAL from NTSC discs. I'm thinking about getting one myself for use with an old TV. I think they're going for around £170.
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