Toshiba SD370E - AVI on DVD (DivX)



Hi All

I am new to this forum and to Divx / AVI...

I recently bought a Toshiba SD370E

I was wondering if anyone had managed to rip AVI files and burn them to DVD and play them. I managed to rip a DVD of Family Guy to a 660Mb AVI file and burn it in ISO format to a CD and this played fine. I am trying to create AVI files that are about 1400Mb in size and put 3 on a single DVD... However, when I do this and try and play it, I get an error saying: HD Not Supported, which appears after I select one of the files and press ENTER on the remote.

Thanks in advance for your help.
I apologise if this is a noob question, as I am REALLY new to this gig.



PS. I have already tried burning the DVDs in ISO and UDF format with no luck. The Tosh is also setup correctly with RGB and SCART as per the quick start guide.


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