Toshiba SD330E And NTSC


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A friend of mine has recently purchased a multi-region Tosh SD330E. When they try and play a R1 NTSC, the picture comes out black and white which suggests the TV can't accept an NTSC signal. They have also tried an NTSC disk on a multi region Pioneer DV360 with the same TV and the picture is fine.

Does this mean the Pioneer will change to a PAL signal before it gets to the TV, and if so, is the Tosh also capable of this maybe via the setup menu? I can't find a manual on Toshibas site, so I can't look myself. I haven't asked, but I assume the connection from the player to TV is via a scart.

Any help gratefully receviced.:D


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If they can use an RGB connection, PAL and NTSC won't be an issue so if they are using a SCART connection, make sure it is connected to an RGB-capable input and that the Toshiba is set up to let out an RGB signal.

So it's either RGB that makes the difference, or that the Pioneer does output a PAL60 signal instead of NTSC.


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Many thanks Zacabeb, I'll get them to give it a go. Not sure what the TV is at the moment or whether it will take RGB. If it doesn't, sounds like a new TV or only watch black and white R1s.:)

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