toshiba sd330

hi I have seen on the internet that the Toshiba SD330e is progressive scan player, is this the case? Also is it just a ntsc PS player or pal aswell?

Ihave borrowed one from work and connected it to my pa-te 200 and signal input from both types of disks show 625i or 565i which i assume is interlaced and not progressive please help thanx

oh right that answers it then thanks although there are alot of miss infornation on the internet


what is the picture like with the 330 on the AE200? Thats the DVD player im thinking of going for.



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I had a Toshiba 330 and used it on a AE100 which is basically very similar to the AE200 but lacks scart input. The Toshiba gave an excellent picture on a tv but magnified up to projector screen size it didn't look too good. I also had a cheap Compacks DVD5000 dvd player at the time and that had pal and ntsc progressive scan. This cheap Compacks dvd player gave far better results than the Toshiba. One thing I noticed was the dramatic difference between low bit rate dvds shown on the Compacks and Toshiba. The Toshiba was far, far worse. I sent back my Toshiba to Amazon. Not because of its picture performance but because the dvd drive fitted in it was frankly rubbish. This has also been reported by other people who have had skipping problems with this player.

The player is not made by Toshiba but by a company called goldyip I believe;

I've tried out various dvd players and so far on my AE100 the best picture has been obtained with a Kiss DP-450. The picture on this is absolutely superb. Clean and full of detail but then the Kiss is based on a 300mhz risc cpu and has more power to do detail enhancement. Even the Arcams are based around 135mhz cpus (zoran) I believe. Many have less power than this. The trouble with the kiss players is people remember the shoddy early firmwares with only mediocre dvd playback but now that the firmware has been seriously enhanced over about 18months its fantastic quality.


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Hi all, I had a SD330 from RS, but due to the DTS crackling sound on a intermittant basis, I returned it to RS and opted for a MARANTZ DV4300 with progressive output on PAL and NTSC and the improvement in picture was amazing, connected to my AE100 via standard component leads.

RS are doing the Marantz for £119 ish, multi region, £9.99 for a 3yyear warranty,
before anyone asks I dont work for RS, lol

Hope this helps



I've just bought a 330 from RS, and it's going back. Why? Basically because in my opinion the picture quality is poo. Compared to my old machine, bright sunlight looks like hazy sunlight (It's a weird description, but it's the only way I can describe it), colours on my old machine would leap out at you they were so clear and vivid, the 330 though, the colours look almost muddy in comparison. Granted we are talking being very picky - but that's me!
In it's favour, it's extremely quiet. Running it's almost silent. NTSC discs look very good (In RGB mind), and compared to my old machine, the pic quality difference between PAL and NTSC is very close, so close I wouldn't consider it an issue any more.

Anyway, hope this is of interest to someone. Me - well it's going back - end of story.

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