Toshiba SD3109B Problems

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    Hi all
    Does anyone here have a Toshi SD3109B? I am having trouble with two
    DVD's Men I Black and Super Speedway.
    Men in Black special limited edition. During the opening credits
    (16:9 side) I get alot of digital blocking (artifacts?) which
    eventually causes play back to halt, it will usually clear up after
    messing around with skip/fast forward but sometimes requires stopping
    and restarting.
    Super Speedway fails to enter the Menu when the disc is first
    inserted, the DVD gets stuck continually trying to enter the menu
    system. It will however enter the movie, if I am quick on the chapter
    skip and will then enter the menu during the film.
    I have just tryed Gladiator disc 2, which appears to be working.
    Is anyone else having these problems? Should I take the player back
    and exchange it for a new one? It is 6 months old and has not been
    modified for region 1. Should I exchange it for a newer model?
    Any help would be most appreciated. Thank you, in advance.

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    Amiga inc

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