Toshiba SD220e - User Manual (RS) & import question


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Recently bought Toshiba SD220e from Richer S; the only manual was the 'quick setup guide'. Popped back to the store, to be told the user manual was not included 'cos the machine is an import.

Is this correct ? Or are RS cutting corners ?

I'm printing the PDF from Toshiba's site as I write - - easy enough, seeing as how I'm at work - but thought I'd mention, as there were no signs of this being previously discussed at here at AVF.

But this also makes me wonder - are all 220's made in China ? Mine is (black finish - I think only silver were available in UK at first), so could the Chinese import be inferior to an EU version ? (Apols if this is a frequent topic; a quick search revealed nothing).



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i too have a black one. I thoguht that it was an import too, but i contacted toshiba (regarding a firmware update for the player) and they said black ones don't exist in this country too. However they then got back to me saying that a few black ones were made for this country but only for a couple of specific retailers. i guess rs fell into this category.

not sure as to the correctness of this information though.


Hello driver8. I was in the same situation. I rang RS mail order, where I had originally ordered, and they apologised and sent a user manual straight away. I was told that Toshiba had supplied black SD220's to certain distributors (RS being one), but had forgotten to include some manuals. When I rang, the RS guy said they had just been sent over 2000 manuals from Toshiba. Can't tell you if it's true, but the manual looks original, not copied. Player works fine. Cheers, Chris.


Hi Driver8

Basically the same story as the other posts. I bought mine from RS (silver) and very specifically asked if it was an import and what version the firmare was (V1.50 reqired) I was informed by the manager that it was not an import and all new stock 220's had the upgraded firmware.

Got it home opened the box and hey presto! no manual. Called RS who sent one out next post - definitely not a photocopy.

However I think what is happening is that all most of the units are made in China (thats what it has got on the box!) as R2 (also on box) then when they are shipped to there destination they are upgraded to MR, again sticker on the box to confirm this.

That being said plugged it in set it up and brill, have played R1 RCE Discs, R2 & R4 DVD,s CDA, CDR, CDRW & MP3's without any problems.

7ThGuest :)


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HI, I`m thinking of buying this unit you`ve all been talking about. Has anyone used dvd_r and dvd_rw discs in this unit and if so which ones have worked ok?

Thanks Disastermaster.


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Sorry, don't know yet about the DVD r or r/w.

Just bought mine, like everyone else it seems from Richer Sounds.

Silver, made in China on the box, R2 on the box and a sticky label put on by RS saying multiregion. I got the quick start guide which is a single folded A3, plus a thick manual but only in French and German.

Polly bag around player cut open so RS can hack to multiregion. Bag around remote, cable etc also cut open so they can fit UK plug on the end of the two pin.

No problems with that. Even missing one of the rubber feet I could put up with as I don't need them on my rack. But no manual is a bit rich.

Phoned the store, answerphone saying too busy, asking me to leave message and they'll ring back. Didn't ring back.

Phoned store next day. By this time had discovered manual on Tosh UK website and downloaded, but still anxious to speak to store because I couldn't get the poxy thing to work. Thought perhaps that when they hack the player to multiregion that something occasionally goes adrift, and by phoning I could get them to help me get it alive and not have to take it back. Anyway, left a message again. They didn't ring back.

So, not impressed with RS after sales service. Still haven't heard a dicky from them. :mad:

But they were the cheapest price so, as always, you pays yer money ............


Can you all post that direct link to the manual again for the Toshiba SD-220e DVD player?

Somehow, I started to get the "Disc playback unauthorized" message again.

It is probably a matter of doing something ove the remote control, but I am looking for the simple "skinny" on how.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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