Toshiba SD220E ?'s


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Does this player play CDR MP3's, VCD/SVCD both original and CDR types and whats it like with DVD-R's?

Toshiba's site says the R2 version does play MP3's and CD video, it does not actually say VCD/SVCD but is CD video the same thing?

Richer Sounds web site says it does not play any of these formats, I guess Toshiba should know but can any one confirm this?

Cheers Mandlebrot :confused:

I thought it said vcd on the site? scvd is a NO as i recall Mp3 and cd r but I have read reviews saying some scratched cd r's they had some probs with.

cd video is video cd the same.... I believe,,,,,,Dealtime,,,,click here They have a few companies under dvd players who put up the specs too.


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Right I have the player: Haven`t tried mp3 yet and haven`t got any DVDR. But it does play CDRs, VCD and SVCD. But I get lipsync problems with SVCD.(might have something to do with how I encoded the SVCD)
Then again it`s a DVD player so I don`t care


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My mates 220 plays all of the formats you mention, though it is slightly fussy to what DVD-r's it will read

For DVD-r's i would recommend using traxdata or datawrite for cheaper disks or verbatim as a more expensive option

I looked at the uk Tosh site and SVCD aint on the spec sheet,.........looking at dealtime site some say yes so what I'd suggest is, get to the bottom off it is to:

A) Email Tosh and ask for a 100% guarantee email spec on that whats sent IS actually 100% accurate.

B)Get someone with a 220 to check THEIR manual for you.

C) Phone a tosh dealer and him to READ the Manuals spec sheet too you over the phone. :)


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First of all thanks to everyone for the replies.

Is it possible that Richer Sounds have an older revision of this player hence why they say no to MP3's etc? Has anyone actually had one of these from RS and if so did it play the formats mentioned?

I ask because I got my current non-Tosh player from RS and am thinking of swapping it to the Tosh but of course I'm stuck with RS now so need to know if somehow they are selling a diff revision of this player.


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The one my mate bought came from RS, just make sure it has 1.5 firmware in it.

I used to have a Tosh 210 and that would not play SVCD, but i tried 2 or 3 SVCD's in the 220 and they all played fine. Apparently the main problem if one occurs is down to lip sync, but people have reported previously on these forums that pressing the angle button twice seems to resolve that problem.

If you don't plan on using SVCD's then it will play all the other formats.


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I've just been down to RS and they confirmed that there web site was in-incorrect and that it would play all the formats but it may have problems with SVCD's. They also said its got the latest rom on it so I should have no problems.

I will let you know how I get on later :)


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Initial test are good, its played everything I've thrown at it so far without problems, even some DVD-R's that my old player wouldn't play.

Picture and sound are loads better than my old player. In fact the only minor dissapointment so far is that my TV suffers from moire patten problems in NTSC mode and with my old DVD player I used to get round this by selecting PAL60 but this DVD player does not have the PAL60 option so I have to put up with the moire problem. This is not really a fault of the Tosh though but with most Panasonic and Lowe widescreen TV's so I can't complain, I just wish it had the PAL60 option thats all.

On the whole I'm a happy bunny and can live with the moire problems on the few R1's that I watch in favour of far better sound and picture quality when watching R2 DVD's or playing music.

:D :D


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I just got my Tosh 220, changed from a Sony DVP-S536D as I wanted a multi region player... and whiel the picture and sount may be good, there are a few finer details which this player inexplicably misses out which I had grown so used to with the Sony...

Firstly I think the lcd display is absolute rubbsih... there is enough splace for 6 letters. and that is it. With the sony you got chapter number, and space for the time gone etc... plus other little things about... not with the tosh...

you either get time elapsed, or chapter and title number. There is no time remaining either in the whole film or that particular chapter, which is what I prefer to have it on.

Being able to view the time remaining was something I got so used to, the pathetic little display for that is on the 220 is really crap by comparison to the Sony.

Mp3 playback ain't that great either... filenames are limited to 8 characters in length... given that with all my albums I have them listed as "01 - xxx", "02 - xxx" etc, 5 chars are taken up before I even get to the name of the song... Hopefully that is something which can be fixed and made CONSIDERABLY better with future firmwares... also there is not navigating by folder... that I can see anyway. It just lists all the songs by track number... it does group them in as they are in the folders, but you can't actually navigate by the folders... I think anyway..

So my opinion on the tosh... picture and sound = good, the smaller things which you take for granted = bad.


You mean you just bought the Tosh without looking at it in depth and reading reviews etc?

You better rush it straight back then and get another Sony.


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you can navigate through mp3 folders on the tosh, but without the tv on I imagine it may be confusing.

The 'display' button gets you access, then use the menu buttons (L + R for folders, up + down for tracks).

Leave Sony on the shelf (imho ;) )


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I bought the tosh after reading lots of reviews on here and other places about how good its picture quality and sound quality was... I never once even thought about things like the lcd display and whether or not it could show time remaining...

I do wish I had just got my sony mod chipped now... but that would have cost me more, as I managed to sell the sony for 3/4 of what the tosh cost me...

Oh well, I guess i'll just have to get used to it!

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