Toshiba SD220E or Pioneer DV454??


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Sep 10, 2002
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Trying to decide which of the above players to buy, have read most of the threads on this and other forums, but this is my first post here :)

Got a budget of upto £200 so i possibly could go upto the next models, though i doubt i would use alot of the additional features

I have currently got a Dansai 852, but i want to improve the picture quality, particularly in DVD playback

Another main requirement i have, is that the player must also play MP3 and SVCD's.

I have heard that there were problems with the SD220E on skipping particular scenes from DVD's, has this problem been resolved?, if so do i need to look out for a particular version of firmware.

Any opinions (or alternative suggestions) would be most welcome.
Just bought a 220e for the bargain price of £134.95, already multi regioned and latest 1.5 firmware from Richer Sounds in Brum. Absolutely no problems with any DVD's jumping. Did consider the 454, but it just couldn't compete with the superior component video connectivity of the Tosh, which is what I was looking for!!


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