Toshiba sd220 v Pioneer dv350


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Both multi-regional, Richer Sounds : Toshiba sd220 (£120) v Pioneer dv350 (£115)

Apols for bringing this up again, but what's the latest opinions ? Reliability news ? Anyone taken theirs back ?

I already have a 220, but wish to buy another as a present. The player will be hooked up to low-end kit (for now), for an average amount of use.

Reviews for both appear to be good; the dv350 lacks optical out (shouldn't be an issue) so the only real difference I can see spec-wise is the 350's long-filename capability for MP3's, which might just swing it with the £5 saving ! :D

Anyone express a preference ?



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sorry to be boring !

anyone used the dv350 ? Hoping to buy in next few days ...


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I love my Tosh. Absolutely no complaints about picture / sound etc. However one small issue that I have had with the multi-region version is that it has lost the capability twice in 3 months. There is a multi-region software hack, which you can find links to on this forum. It is a bit of a bind to set up but works.

Another small point. Some say you can use the software hack on non multi-region 220Es and save yourself a few bob.



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I have a 350 and prefered the picture to the tosh hands down the 350 has a nice easy menu system as well, make sure either purchase you can return with no hasle


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the tosh 220 is only £99 now !

get the 420. Loads better (about £140) I payed £160 for mine:(


Have been very impressed with the Tosh (not for myself but for 3 people I know now), particularly since the MR version from RS was able to play RCE region 1 discs (at least MIB II). But I don't know how it compares to the Pioneer. The only thing I knew about the Pioneer was that I didn't like the way it looked, just a bit too basic.


I have both of these on my shopping list but have a few questions.

Will they both DEFINITELY play VCD's and/or SVCD's? My existing player says it will but it spits them out - I am not a happy bunny.



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