Toshiba Sd220 Software Issues


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I remember reading somewhere about firmware issue problems with the SD220 and the need to get one with the 1.4 issue. or above. I've just bought a machine and found it has unfortunately 1.3 and can't get the supplier to exchange the machine. Can anyone advise on what was the original problem and if Toshiba will exchange the player. To find your software version press zoom, 6, 0, 6, zoom.


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The problems was with playing the matrix and a few other titles. If you search on this forum you should find loads of posts on the subject.

Your supplier should exchange or upgrade the firmware without out question, otherwise under your rights as a consumer, the player is not fit for the purpose you bought it for. You are well within your rights to demand a refund. I would try explaining this to them but say that you only want the firmware upgrading. If you don't get any joy try calling toshiba and explaining to them the problems with your supplier.


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thank you for your answer, I read through all the pages before starting this new thread but could not find the original one. I've already tried with my supplier with no luck and plan to talk with Toshiba next and it would be useful to know how others have got on.


If you've gone for the region 2 player, then if you phone Toshiba customer services (0115 9766958 mon-fri 8am-8pm sat 8am-6pm sun 10am-4pm)) they will arrange for a home exchange to a v1.5 firmware, if you got the multi- region then they will only exchange it for a region 2(they dont do multi- region themselves)

I initially got a multi- region Tosh 220e from Richer Sounds, found it was v1.3 (with all the associated problems) and got on to Toshiba who said RS should have the v1.5 upgrade disk,if not they would send them one but wouldn't send it to me...
Phoned RS who had a brand new v1.5 in shop so willingly exchanged it.
Hope this helps.

Calum Lawson


I have been through the swapout process several months ago and got a replacement from Toshiba (Firmware 1.4) but now see that a newer version of the firmware is out again. Can anyone know what specifically firmware 1.5 fixes?


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