Toshiba SD-9500E PAL Progressive


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Good News:D

The Toshiba Service Engineer has just left my house after installing the upgrade fix for the luminance filter problem reported in What Video & TV. The problem was that a filter which is meant for composite only, was applied to all modes.

Included with this fix is an upgrade to PAL Progressive:cool:

The upgrade did not overwrite my multiregion mod. (Tried a R1 RCE and it played fine).

I'm now looking forward to watching some movies tonight to see what additional performance is now available from this machine, bearing in mind that I thought the picture was superb before the mod.:)


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Hi,having just an hour or so ago received delivery of a Tosh 9000e, I would be grateful for more details regarding the upgrade/mod. How do you knowthe mod needs doing?
How do you get them to do it. Etc> Thanks PeterB.


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I don't think the 900E has the filter switch problem, only the 9500 due to an oversight.

I did ask if PAL Progressive mod was available for SD-900E, he's not sure but doesn't think so.


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I E mailed Toshiba about a PAL progressive mod but got the "we have no plans" line. It came up in the thread about the 520. Toshiba would prefer people to upgrade to the 9500 rather than mess about modifying old models of course.

Almost makes you want to go for the Arcam instead;)

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