Toshiba SD-9500 advice please


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In the November What Video & TV test of this machine they say the following:

"While the chroma crosstalk figure we recorded was one of the best ever, the Tosh's high-frequency response at 5.8MHz (through composite, S-Video and interlaced component) was truly appalling.

We called in another sample.......same results......verified by Toshiba.

It seems that the company's engineers neglected to optimise the luminance filters of the (software-controlled) video encoder for PAL video rather than NTSC."

They go on to say that a CD-ROM based firmware fix is now available.

I use mostly interlaced component and sometimes progressive and have not noticed any picture problems with either, both look superb to me. I don't know if my machine has the fix or not, but as the majority of my DVDs are NTSC would I not be better off with luminance filters optimised for NTSC anyway.

Do I get the fix or would I be better off without it?


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You are happy, why bother...
I would obtain the CD firmware upgrade disc, just in case, then if necessary pop it in sometime.
No doubt everyone will disagree :cool: .

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