Toshiba SD-63HK - Not sure how to connect to PC


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Basically i have this really nice 5.1 home cinema system with DVD player and i dont know how to connect it to my PC or TV. - not made anymore so couldnt get the link.

i have a Philips 32PFL760-3D 32" LCD TV.

Philips - Televisions - Sound and vision

i would say it should have all the major connections as it is a new TV.

I have my PC,
very high spec gaming computer. HD4870 graphics card, 2 HDMI ports.
I have fitted an X-fi soundblaster Faitality Sound card into it too. - Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Professional Series Sound Card

so at the moment the sound system is setup with a Mini to RCA cable plugged into my Headphone port at the back of my PC. (the motherboard one, Soundblaster one doesnt work.)
i only get sound from my front left speaker. just Subwoofer and Front left.
if i plug it into the Headphone port on the side of my PC it looks like it doesnt even get detected.

someone mentioned something about needing a coaxial cable. But im not sure what the problem is and what i need.
its a digital system ofc.

i would REALLY appreciate it if someone could tell me how i can get sound working through all 6 speakers and through TV. as i have an Xbox 360 too.


oh and my PC is connected to my TV via HDMI cable, Xbox is also HDMI into TV.
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cmon please help someone,
i would be soo pleased if i knew *** to buy.
its saturday today so itd be perfect to sort out today :p


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sound is coming from only 1 speaker which is picked up as the Front Right. when its the Front left.

everything is plugged in through RCA into my Green port of my sound card.

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