Toshiba SD-510 Pausing MGM Disc's.


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I have recently noticed that my multi-region sd-510 is pausing on Metro Goldwyn Mayor Region 2 DVD's.
The disc's are Tomorrow Never Die's and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, they both pause very badly, and once they start it just gets worse. I do have some more MGM discs to test, but was wondering if anyone else has this problem.
Discs and laser are clean :(

Both these discs play fine on my Sony Players.


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Sounds similar to the prob i'm getting with the 520.

I got the player yesterday, put BTTF, R2, D1 on.
Selected DTS for the sound format.
Everything was going well for the first 25 mins, then..........
The player starts pauseing (freezeing) a few times for about half a second, then at 26 mins, it just feezes up completely.
cannot press play or stop...have to eject disk or turn power off.

I know this happens quite a bit on the lower models (110, 210, 120, 220), but thought the upper models might be better..........does not look like it.

Before i ordered it, i done a search on here and read the thread on the 520, from last year, when everyone was buying them, when they were first released and no body complained of it freezeing.
So i guess you just have to be lucky with these tosh's, they are a bit hit and replacement turns up tommorrow, so will see what happens....if this ones no better, i will get a refund and buy another trusty pioneer........had the DV-626 for the last 3 years and its played all the films i got and have borrowed.
Was going to get the 656, but thought i would give tosh a try, as they are supposed to have a better PQ.

Hope you get it sorted.

Good luck.


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These Toshiba Players do seem a little sensitive on what they will play, mine pause's for a couple of seconds, then it will start playing again but then it could pause for 5 minutes, but just continues to get worse, I think I will have to contact the company I purchased it from, had it quite a while now, but whats the betting if I send it back they woudn't find a fault as it plays most disc's with no problems.



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i've owned both these machines and had probs with both re. freezing and skipping. the 220 was terrible and i had to send it back -- it would just freeze up all the time.

I've currently got the 520 and it's got a skipping problem. I may well have to send it back and opt for a different brand altogether.


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