Toshiba sd-510 dvd player for multiregion



I just won a brand new sd-510e off an auction, it said it was multiregion but i cant seem to find this out on any menus. the quickest way i know is to play a R1 disk but i havent any yet.
incase it is not multiregion where is the best place to get this modification? when i mean best i dont mean the cheapest, because i have heard a lot of people who have had this done and run into problems. also im getting a lcd front projector soon and ive been reading that the macrovision might interfer with the display so this needs to be disabled in the mod.

ive been reading that the sd-510e runs hot after awhile, mine does too, ive seen suggestions to correct this, but what is really causing it as my old sd-2109 was always cool.
one more thing, ive had my 2109 for about 3 years and over 300 dvds watching over and over again, when watching with the sd510 ive notice that the picture seems more film-like but a bit softer is this normal(ok im bein fussy), im just wondering if any others out there had that experience.



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My 510 did run hot and freeze, but since I moved it off my amp it seem's ok, it hasn't locked up since. Pictures great, especially in progressive scan. Try taping a dvd if it tapes ok it means that it has Macrovision disabled and it's probably multi region. Pop over to for cheap region1 dvd's.

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