Toshiba sd-510 dvd player(and it wasnt multiregion)



hi again

i wrote in about this player 2 months ago concerning its region setting and it is region 2 only (blasted ads!) n e way im in s.e london and wondering were is the best place to get this player upgraded to multiregion, rce, macro off, as i have read people having problems with a few upgrade sites.

those who missed my first ad, was that i won this player at an auction site, brand new, sealed and boxed,multiregion.

all true except the MR bit, i wasnt that fuss for the price i got it for.

can this player be upgraded by this upgrade disk i keep on reading about or has it got to be a hard upgrade?

any info as to were the best place is to get this upgrade? (a london site would be handy)


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