Toshiba SD-350e OR LG-DVX9900H

Steven Jackson

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I want to buy an upscaling DVD player that I can connect to my Samsung LE26R41B via HDMI. It must be capable of playing all regions and PAL/NTSC.

I don't have a lot of money, and my local shops have little choice, so I have narrowed by choice to either the Toshiba SD-350e or the LG-DVX9900H. The prices are very similar, so that's not a consideration.

In a nutshell, which one should I go for?




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I can only relate my experiences with my (now departed) Tosh sd350e, I don't know anything about the LG (my brother has one of their DVD burners in his PC and says it's great, sorry but that's as close as I can get to knowing anything about LG DVD :) ).

Playing retail DVD it was faultless and IMO it's a stylish and great value little player too.

It was pretty good at downloaded Divx & Xvid stuff too although it didn't like packed bitstreams (I got into the habit of looking at the file and unpacking with MPEG Modifier if necessary before burning .avi's & wasting discs) and could be very picky over what DVD-R media you used.

(but when you've sussed what works stick to it - mine liked TDK, Maxell & Memorex discs and couldn't care less what CD's were used - the manual says no CD-rw but mine was fine with them and I've heard of people using DVD+R which, again, is something the manual actually says they can't handle).

My only two annoyances with it were all related to downloading stuff and making my own discs -
1) that it would sometimes (but thankfully not very often) throw a wobbler and not play home-made discs for no obvious reason and
2) Toshiba stated outright that they would never issue firmware for it (meaning that it would always be being left behind as codecs etc advance).

That kind of attitude to customer-support has pretty much got me looking any and everywhere else for stuff now before I'd look at a Toshiba again.
It might not be the av geek's choice but I'd be a liar if I let the above make me deny that it's still one of the great general cheapys available for the average home-user.

But if that stuff isn't an issue for you I'd say you would be pushed to find better for the money.

Some people have criticised them for not being the best at upscaling via HDMI (although IIRC component isn't said to be bad - never tried it myself).
I barely noticed and usually if I did see a 'blocky' image I suspected the quality of the .avi encoding before the player. ;)

I got mine for £50 new nearly a year ago, what do you want for that kind of money?

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